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About Us


Shannon Swenson, Life Coach

Growing up, I never felt like I belonged; I had a really good family, I just felt like the different one.  I tried to fit in by doing things for other people, being perfect, never questioning people, never speaking up, never asking for help.  My worth came from outside of me, beating myself up for every mistake, being there for everyone else and never for myself, trying to blend in to every scenario, acting how I thought I should to be accepted.  There were times I'd look in the mirror and think "Is this really me?"  I was so disconnected from myself because I didn't feel lovable or worthy.  

If you knew me, I had tons of acquaintances, you wouldn't have known how empty I felt inside because I put on a good mask. I kept people at arms length, never letting people "in".  The depression, the loneliness - not to mention numbing with TV, alcohol and food - nothing filled the voids I felt.  My self-talk was about as negative as it could be.   

Then I heard about coaching! I was looking for a new career - I never thought it would change my life!  Through coaching, I was able to see all the ways I believed I was unworthy, unlovable, not enough.  But those were my beliefs and how I created a reality around them!  I started healing, changing my beliefs, seeing I was worthy, lovable and enough.  I was able to see that my worth came from within and healing started with creating a strong relationship with myself!  It took learning to love myself and feeling like I belonged in my own skin to feel like I belonged and was accepted anywhere else.  

To change that programming and to see myself as worthy, lovable, enough changed everything!  Including my relationships with others and the way they treat me or that I perceive how they are treating me.  That inner wisdom, discovery, knowing, ah-ha - whatever you want to call it - all happened through coaching. 

I know now the value in creating strong, meaningful relationships so we have support and connection with each other.  Humans aren't meant to be alone, but sometimes because of the pain of our past, our lack of worthiness that's what we choose.  Through coaching I was able to heal, open my heart, forgive and connect again.  

And now that I coach full-time, I love helping people fix their relationship with themselves and others, find their dream careers, purpose and how they are here to contribute.  I enjoyed recruiting in my HR career, but nothing like this.  This about finding your passion, what lights you up and gets you out of bed each day excited about what you get to do.  I was burned out, worked those long hours, prioritized work over LIFE...who does that?  WE do - we've all done it.  The question to ask, is it worth it?  For me, no but it took burning out to realize it.  Hopefully, I can help before you go through burnout! 

Now as CEO/Life Coach, I have been successfully coaching clients since 2008; I also worked with hundreds of employees in my 28 year corporate Human Resources career.  Professionally trained by Coaches Training Institute in the Co-Active Coaching model and David Morelli's Enwaken program, I bring both traditional and non-traditional approaches to the coaching relationship.  I'm a constant learner, finding new approaches and models so I continue to serve my clients the best way I can.  

I am open-minded, intuitive and driven by your desire to succeed and accomplish your greatest desires by taking bold action.  I am able to assist clients to see things in new ways and break through their cycles and old limiting beliefs.  Helping them get in the mindset for success.

 Some reasons to schedule time with me:

  • Transform relationships with yourself and others
  • Thrive after divorce or break ups
  • Identify, create and transition into your dream career
  • Build confidence & courage to overcome your fear
  • Create boundaries; say yes AND no
  • Define self care routine; reduce stress and anxiety

Both face-to-face and virtual sessions are available.   


Christin Klimek, Financial Coach

 Christin, CFO/Certified Financial Coach, has a passion for helping clients develop life-long, healthy money habits that will allow them to take control of their money and live the lives they desire. She obtained her Master Financial Coach training and certification from Ramsey Financial Solutions.

 Christin's compassionate, non-judgmental approach helps individuals and couples build wealth by using solid money principles like budgeting, saving, debt reduction and planning for their future. Christin has 19 years of experience in Non-Profit administration.  She consistently ensured the stability of the organization while providing valuable, necessary services to the community with an extremely limited budget.  

As a Financial Coach, Christin can assist you to:

  • Reduce or eliminate debt
  • Build a custom budget that works for you
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Navigate through difficult financial time or crisis
  • Plan for major life goal (i.e. buying a house, going to college)
  • Create a plan for retirement