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Career & Passion

Workplace Dynamics

Career & Passion


 Want something different but what?  Your job offers security but that's it.  You've changed jobs, but they soon lose their luster.   

You've got valuable skills but you've always but what skills do you have that you aren't using?  

Can your hobby be turned into a career?  Maybe your J-O-B is just a way to make money so you can pursue your passions

Ask yourself, if the amount of money you made didn't matter, what would you be doing?

Do you recognize that even though other people may have the same title as you, who you are, your unique way of doing things is your super power - sets you apart, makes you an individual.  Being you is your superpower (not to be corny).

Sometimes our purpose here is to be the best mother, the best executive, the best welder, the best mechanic, the best speaker etc.  Through coaching, together we will find what that is for you and the path to get you there! 

Stress & Burnout

Workplace Dynamics

Career & Passion


 Burned out?  Do you feel like everything is a priority and continue the same routine every day?  Does the stress of work impact all your relationships?  Is work always the priority or do you have some balance between work and your life?

Unable to excited about the work you're doing or even seeing the impact you're making?  Do you dread the thought of even going to work?  

After 28 years in corporate, I get it!  You're exhausted all the time, stressed out, on call all the time, checking emails and voicemails even when you're on vacation, constantly told to do more with less...when does it end???  

When you decide to make a different choice for you.  When you decide to establish clear boundaries and prioritize what's important to you.  When you realize your worth comes from within you, not the job you have.    

Recovering from stress and burnout can take time, but it is possible to take back your life!  Let's work together to establish a plan that will work for you!   

Workplace Dynamics

Workplace Dynamics

Workplace Dynamics


 Workplace relationships can be difficult.  Multiple personalities, different work styles, different communication styles, different leadership styles...it can be frustrating to navigate.  

Leaders have you gotten promoted and been expected to just know how to lead and deal with team dynamics and how to have difficult conversations?  

Have you tried different ways to engage your team, build relationships and it isn't making an impact?  

Employees do you feel replaceable, disregarded and as though you can't speak up?  Or maybe you feel like you give and give, completing everything you've been asked, but never receive recognition.  

Both of these scenarios are STRESSFUL!  Let's work together to determine:

  • what skills you may need to learn or improve
  • alternative perspectives about ways to be successful 
  • ways to reduce your stress
  • how to actively listen on both sides of the table
  • how to have difficult conversations and accept feedback

...a way for you to feel successful and valuable in your position.


You Are Important

Workplace Dynamics


"I worked with Shannon for 3 months as I started my small business. She really helped me look inside myself to get the information I needed to achieve my goals. Not only did she get me to think about the steps I needed to take, but the support and guidance she gave me allowed me to feel safe and confident in my choices. A few times I came to the session thinking I wouldn’t have the answers for the perceived “roadblocks”, but by the end of our appointment, not only did I have a better vision of how to move forward but I also had a sense of calm. Thank you Shannon!" --Bonnie K. 

You Are Important

You Are Important

You Are Important



Every client is important. We are coaches because we truly care about helping individuals like you live your best life. 

We respect your financial needs, goals, confidentiality and privacy.