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 Divorce is hard, even when it's what you want.  

  • It's hard to be on your own, managing everything yourself. 
  • There can be a lot of judgment as well, feelings of failure, abandonment and loss.  
  • Sometimes, wondering if you made the right choice & tried everything you could.  
  • Trying to figure out your identity now that you aren't a wife or husband anymore.
  • Navigating relationships, holidays and co-parenting.
  • Being lonesome and seeing your ex move on before you're even ready to date.

It can be scary and exciting as well as overwhelming!  

Having someone to help guide you that's been through divorce and coached many people who've also been through divorce can be just what you need to get your life on the track that's right for your new beginning.  

Let's work together and take the first step in navigating your new life.    





Who are you?  What are your core values?  What kind of life do you want?  What stops you from taking bold action for you?

Are you living the life you think you "should" rather than the living the life you really want?  Does fear stop you?  

Do you feel dissatisfied and dis-empowered?  Has this caused you to lose confidence in yourself and a low self-esteem?

Coaching can help you:

1.  Uncover the core of who you truly are.

2.  Identify the negative chatter running in your mind.

3.  Identify and release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

4.  Navigate through the steps necessary to change your "dreams" into your reality!

5.  Build the confidence to live your best life!

Wouldn't it feel great to be able to ask for what you need?  To convince your boss you deserve that raise and promotion?  To take bold action needed to accomplish your goals?  To make decisions confidently, aligned with who you truly are?

What would your life look like if you new you wouldn't fail?  Contact me to set up a time to talk through what's possible through coaching for you!

Self Love


Death of Significant Other


Self love, the relationship we have with ourselves, is key to all our other relationships .  It determines how people treat us and how we perceive they are treating us.

Do you feel seen, heard & understood?  Or do you feel broken and as though you don't matter?

Are you in a loving relationship, but don't feel like you deserve to be loved?  It's hard to accept that someone else could love you when you don't love yourself.

Are you kind & generous to yourself or do you feel your needs don't matter?

Through coaching you will:                 

  • Uncover the the reasons you don't feel worthy or lovable
  •  Break through the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Heal your relationship with yourself.  This will 
  • Redefine what you will and won't accept from others
  • Prioritize self-care and establish boundaries in a loving way

You will feel genuine love for yourself, and you will notice you feel more connected and more love from those around you

Death of Significant Other

Death of Significant Other

Death of Significant Other


Death of your significant other comes with so many challenges.  Making any decisions after can seem overwhelming.  You need space to heal.

You carry their memory forever and, also, need to continue living your life without them.  What does that even mean?  What does that look like to you?

Having professional support to help you find the courage inside to move forward, release any guilt and help guide you is so important.  

It's a new beginning for you and you get to define what that means for you.  Let's work together to determine what's next for you on this new journey.    


Death of Significant Other



 " Shannon was key in helping me navigate a toxic relationship that ended in a volatile divorce.  Her insight, knowledge, compassion and intuition helped reveal the hidden limiting beliefs that had me stuck and questioning myself.  I am so grateful for the validation, getting me to see and develop the confidence to overcome my challenges.  She gave me a place to be heard and space to feel and heal so I could move into a more fulfilling, authentic and empowered life." -- Linda M.  

 "I want to thank you Shannon!! You are awesome! You have a soft, gentle way with your coaching. I love that you are able to dig deep and get me to see things I don't always see on the surface. You have this direct way of getting to the root cause and you get me to see things in a new perspective. I appreciate the techniques you use to break through my blocks and take me to the next level. When we recently worked together you helped me reach my goal and I didn't know I was the one in my way. Your direct, gentle coaching is exactly what I need to have the confidence to move forward. I enjoy working with you and appreciate you see me completely for who I am. Much appreciation." --Susan G.    

Free E-book

Death of Significant Other



If you're struggling in your relationship, this book will give you insight on yourself as well as your partner.  It's a way to learn to be your best in your relationship and also understanding your partner.

"Emotional Intelligence:  The Key to a Happy Relationship" by Shannon Swenson.  For a free copy go to:    encompasscoaching.ck.page/ebook